Ramadan is a month of blessing and gifts. It’s time to purify your souls, spread happiness and send gifts to your loved ones. But the gifts should be purchased being extra thoughtful as they should last till the next Eid. You also have to stay within the budget to get gifts for everyone. They should be beautiful, affordable, and customised for the receiver.


In this blog post, we have discussed the best gift ideas this Ramadan to make things easier for you. Keep scrolling to catch more.

  • Clothes

Although the colours and designs of the clothing can change depending on where you are, it is traditional to present clothing as Ramadan gifts. Muslim women usually wear abayas so you can get the beautiful and trendy African Abaya.

African Abaya
African Print headwraps can also be a great choice for those who tend to look stylish and beautiful at the same time. For men, T-shirts are a good option to consider. Visit our online clothes store women to get more ideas.

  • Jewellery
Whether you’re looking for a present for your young girl, or your friends, an item of exquisite jewellery is sure to please! Consider the personality and preferences of the person for whom you are purchasing the jewellery, and you will choose the perfect gift.

Exquisite Jewellery

Pick your favourite from a necklace, a set of studs, rose gold jewellery, or anything. Customise it and give your beloved one the ultimate Ramadhan present!


Jewellery isn’t something that you buy frequently unless you’re very wealthy, possess a strong urge for diamonds, or are simply careless with your finances. As a result, it’s up to everyone to occasionally give you this unique item. The idea that this isn’t a common gift adds to its charm and uniqueness.

  • A Fine Piece of Art

A beautiful piece of art is actually a great option to consider as a Ramadan gift. It will be gracing the walls instead of being tossed in the bin. This will also keep the memories alive for years. It could be a canvas painting, sculpture art or African abstract paintings on canvas.

Acrylic Paintings on Canvas

Before gifting the art, you should understand and value the preferences of the recipient. Some of you may also consider gifting the art a challenging process. You should not shy away from this procedure and take your time to select the best.

  • Home Accessories – African Jewellery Box

One of the amazing gift options to give to wives, moms, or good friends is a jewellery box. Presenting these things is the best thing to do, and it has a bigger significance than any regular gift. The jewellery boxes are more of a personal type of present so it is recommended for your close women.

African Jewellery Box

It would be a better idea to know if the recipient already has a jewellery box. This way, you will be finding a unique gift that will make a good impression. 

  • African Beaded Necklaces

Highlight the local colours and style of Africa with these beautiful African traditional necklaces. These are a work of art that may be used for any vividly colored occasion. High-quality beads are used to create these lovely necklaces.

African Beaded Necklace

Every item of African beads necklace in our store has a rich cultural meaning, indicating luxury, influence, and social status, among other things. Featuring valuable alloys like artistically placed seashells, ivory, bone, beads, and gemstones, you’ll discover the jewellery in a variety of elements to suit every personality. 


Ramadan has been the most significant Islamic community festival, and it is observed by all Muslims around the world. Presents and gifting may vary depending on the region but it is traditional to give gifts on Ramadan and Eid. 


We hope this list makes purchasing for Eid and Ramadan presents a little easier. You can see the whole of our women’s collection here, and the rest of our men’s collection here. We have everything you need, from home accessories to clothing to African groceries.