About Ukenia

The mission for Ukenia is to celebrate the rich culture, diversity and pride of Africa and its people. Africa has arrived. With Ukenia, Africa is leading in sharing the work of its creative designers, art and culture to the rest of the world.

Ukenia has a passion for Africa. We are an African-inspired global marketplace for all your unique and creative products. We will ship to our customers excellent African products ranging from unique handcrafted pieces to vintage and antique treasures from Africa.

Ukenia was founded to keep human connections at the heart of e-commerce, a place where African creativity, diversity, and cultures live and thrive because African designers and creators power it.

We help the African community, especially sellers, turn their ideas into successful enterprises where their products can be accessed through Ukenia global marketplace by anyone across the world. Our purpose as Ukenia is to connect African designers and creators to millions of buyers in search of authentic and unique products with an African touch. These products are handcrafted with love to bring immeasurable moments to our present lives and make our living spaces livelier.

As a company, our founding principles shall always to be the central pillar of the business. We strive to help spread ideas of sustainability and responsibility, whose impact on our planet goes beyond the company. Majority of our partners are youths, women groups, associations of people with determination and startups from African cities to some of the most rural villages of the continent.

Our greatest inspirations comes from the story of our people, our continent, our rich history,  our ancestors, the energy and vibrancy of our African youths, Men and Women, we have a reason to celebrate and Ukenia provides a platform to share to the rest of the world.

Our customers shall always be at the heart of everything we do. We intend to provide you with a beautifully designed and friendly platform for your online purchases and interactions with the Ukenia community through our social media channels.  We ship worldwide and we have a friendly return, exchange and refund policy in case the items are off the mark. Refund Policy

How Ukenia Works

One thing that forms Ukenia and makes this global marketplace thrive is the connection between people and antiques from Africa. Our platform empowers designers and creators from Africa, beginners or established, to do what they love as we help them turn their passion into income.




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You want to celebrate and share the richness of Africa, its culture, design and inspirations, the Ukenia network has it all. You will be able to explore and identify all our exquisite antiques and pieces produced, crafted and handmade by Africans here.

Start shopping today with us using the technology embedded in our marketplace. Through technology, everyone from everywhere has a chance, as a buyer or seller, to connect with African designers and creators and get a glimpse of what they have to offer.

Your safety is our priority, and that’s why we keep our online connections as safe and secure as possible. We look forward to seeing you enjoy the ultimate experience offered by Ukenia global Marketplace as we walk this journey of humanity together, inspired by Africa. Ukenia Shop

Our dedicated customer service team will always be happy to receive your reviews  and feedback. Please feel free to reach us on email. or through our social media channels. Please follow us on Instagram and Facebook.