African Art-Ukenia

Today, as you walk in many homes, be it western nations or Africa, you will find either an African-themed pot for decoration, wall hangings, or textile for an upcoming occasion. When we speak of smoothness of finish, the complexity of composition, balance, symmetry, and clarity of detail in the art, African art tops the list. The beautiful and diverse continent of Africa is brought together by African art. It is through art that Africans can express and tell their story, especially historically. However, telling the actual story of African art has never gotten any easier given the new generation of museums established all over Africa.

African art ranges from historical paintings, sculptures, rock art, textiles, beadwork.

African beaded jewelry

Others include personal decoration, ceramic vessels, installations, and jewelry from native and indigenous Africans; the African continent is rich in art. Africa has various artwork ranging from Islamic art, ceremonial art, Christian art of East Africa, and ancient art.

East African Christian art

African pottery is another form of art.

South African Pottery

There is identity in African art. For instance, most visual arts tell unspoken histories of a particular community or individual or their culture. The west coast community is rich in textiles and furniture, wood carvings in central Africa, and many art forms. Also, the Egyptian arts show leadership and kingdoms as well as the growth of religion.

West African wood Carvings.

Today, as a man or woman, you can rock our Ukenia products which gives you a chance to wear that beaded work from East Africa or a nicely sawn shirt or dress from west African textile, among other parts of Africa. Your walls can never be boring, and neither can you lack a piece of jewelry to accessorize your outfit. All these, thanks to Ukenia.

Ancient Egyptian sculptures