African food is synonymous with exciting flavours and delectable taste, we realise it can get overwhelming if this is your first-time shopping online for African groceries or African food altogether.


Let’s take you on an African food odyssey for your next meal, stay hooked!


Fancy spicy food? Then, this one’s for you, introducing, “spicy green banana mash”. The mash is made from Matooke, a staple ingredient of East Africa. It is popularly relished as a spicy mashed delicacy, Matooke are not the regular unripe green bananas you see. They are usually cooked with tomatoes (or you can use tomato paste as an alternative), Indian spices, and butter (oops! we’re salivating).

Eat it with stew, Eat it with beans, Eat it as you like it! Do you know what we’re talking about? Well, we’re referring to the sweet, dense, and fluffy, undisputable agege bread. The delicious bread got its name from the place where it originated: Agege, Lagos in Nigeria. 

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African Agege Bread
Cameroon Pure Honey

From rich soil to optimal climatic conditions, Cameroon is referred to as “Africa in miniature”, and we cannot get over the World’s best honey, Cameroon honey (we bet, you didn’t know that). Cameroon honey is praised for its purity and thickness. A little drizzle on your breakfast cereals or use it as a remedy for sore throat, honey is versatility at its best.

Similar in shape to sweet potatoes, cassava is both sweet and bitter, loaded with carbohydrates and key vitamins. It can be enjoyed as fries, chips, cake or in combination with a sauce (you can also eat it as a whole, boiled, grated, or even grounded & powdered). Boiled, grounded cassava is kneaded as dough to make fufu, fufu is enjoyed as finger food, the dough is hand-pulled (make sure, your hands are clean) making small balls, indentations are made into these small balls with one’s thumb and a slurry dish like stew or sauce is poured and mmmm…! Oh, wait, before you go, we have FREE Delivery across the UAE.