Where to buy men’s African clothing in the UAE


It would be quite right in guessing that you’re looking for African men’s clothing that has brought you here. Bingo! You have arrived at the best online shopping sites in UAE.


Without further ado jumping into what makes African fashion clothing unique?

African fashion is diverse, African clothing is used as an expression of culture and style. From myriad coloured textiles, distinguishing embroidery, meticulous accents to exquisite detailing, African ensembles scintillate out there! Finding the best pick can be an arduous task, that’s why – we’re here to help. Browse through our popular collection of men’s fashion that is bound to get compliments!


History of the  royal cloth – Kente

Kente is made from handwoven cloth strips by strip weaving, the word kente is derived from the word kenten which means basket in Asante – dialect of the Akan language: referring to a basket-like pattern,  it is woven in 4-inch narrow strips. Did you picturise that? If you haven’t, check this out.

Originally, kente was worn by royals which depicted wealth & luxury. Interestingly every new kente design is registered to be protected from copyright infringement. Kente outfits are popularly worn on auspicious occasions. The designs celebrate a cultural gamut of vivid colours and exhibit African royalty. Materials generally used: cotton, silk, rayon, and/or metallic thread (if you’re wondering why: to add lustre).

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What do the colours and shapes portray in kente,

Rectangle: power

Zigzag: political wisdom

Pink: femininity

Blue: peace & harmony

Green: good health & well-being

Yellow: wealth and energy


Let’s dig deeper, what is Asante Kente and Ewe Kente?

Kente patterns are named after their weavers from the community, Asante Kente showcases vividly coloured geometric shapes woven across the length of the strip while ewe kente displays a tweed effect by collating different coloured threads that may also portray pictorial symbols, isn’t it incredible? We think so.


To conclude, kente is no longer only about royal privileges, however, the cultural significance remains at its core. Shop your favourite kente style at