Lately, we all have been spending some extra time cooking in our kitchens. What better time than to introduce you to “African spices?” Sounds intriguing, right? Honestly, there is no milestone like experimenting with a new set of spices for your next meal. Let’s admit, spices are the lifeblood of any cuisine and African spices are a true treat to the senses, you can instantly transform the piquancy of any dish.


In this post we’ll uncover African spices that can be delivered at your doorstep with NO Delivery Fee.

Hot, spicy, and fiery are few words to describe the Ethiopian Berbere Spice mix (every Ethiopian household has its very own version of this spice). The spice mix is essentially a combination of several toasted and grounded well-known and exotic spices, Nigella seeds, Ajwain, Korrima (a spice that’s found in the wild), Fenugreek, Paprika, ground Ginger, Onion powder, Cardamom powder, ground Coriander to name a few, the list is exhaustive and we have saved you the trouble of preparing the spice mix from scratch, buy our ready to use Ethiopian berbere spice from Ukenia. Use it as a seasoning for stews, soups, gravy, or as a delectable rub on your steak. 

Ethiopian Berbere
African Ginger

Ginger makes it to the first position on our indispensable ingredients’ list (our little secret),  just a shred of ginger goes a long way. If you are wondering what makes African Ginger stand out? It is the extra spiciness and earthy flavour (gosh!). For 1000s of years, ginger has been known for its natural healing and medicinal properties (gingerol is the active ingredient responsible for this nature). Nigeria is the largest producer of Ginger in Africa and the third-largest in the world after India and China.

Whether you want to savour a Kenyan culinary experience in your kitchen or recreate authentic taste of Kenya, we’ve got you – “original royco mchuzi mix”, the mix is a combination of popular spices from across the globe which are available in your pantry: turmeric, fennel, coriander, cumin, paprika powder and more. Sprinkle some mix on your favourite dish and taste the magic!

Bitter Kola

Referred to by different names, African nutmeg, Jamaican nutmeg or Bebbe is used as an aromatic spice in traditional African soups and stews. Grate or grind it – to add aromatic flavouring to your supper.

Moving on, this spice is used multifariously across West African cuisine, bitter Kola resembles the peach fruit in many ways with a fleshy exterior and a seedy interior. Kola flavouring is popularly used in many aerated drinks and it has been classified as a flavouring agent. Loaded with caffeine the nut is also used in the treatment of diseases. 

Here’s a bonus, star-recipe of the post, Ugali! 


“Ugali” is a perfect side to any stew or curry that’s cooked. If you have been following Kenyan cuisine, you would be undeniably familiar with ugali, the easiest porridge – as our dear friend Francis refers to however, it may vary in consistency and flours used. Let’s get into its making, you can begin by bringing water to a boil followed by gradually adding flour (fufu that we had been referring to in our previous post). Be sure to constantly stir the slurry (we recommend using a wooden spatula) as it has the tendency to thicken. It is important you turn the cooking pot around as you stir (continue for a while), you will realise ugali is done when it begins to pull away from the sides of the pot and has obtained a cheesy aroma, it’s time when you would scoop out the dough into a serving plate, making a ball or disk from it. Ugali continues to become firmer as it cools and is best enjoyed hot with your favourite course!